About Email Converter

emailcE-mail Converter tool supports conversion of various e-mail file formats. This advanced tool is a multi-utility that performs multiple email file conversion perfectly without modifying original data. It is an ideal solution to convert PST, EML, DBX, and MSG files to PST, EML, DBX, HTML and MSG file format. Converting one e-mail file to other e-mail format by using exclusive features and useful aspects of this software makes your work very easy. It also offers reliability. Email Converter tool performs:

Conversion of PST file to EML, DBX, HTML, RTF and MSG
Conversion of DBX file to EML, PST, HTML, RTF and MSG
Conversion of EML file to PST, DBX, HTML, RTF and MSG
Conversion of MSG file to EML, PST, DBX, HTML and RTF


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Switch E-mail application: Suppose you have Outlook Express installed on your system but you receive Outlook PST file. As Outlook Express can not read PST file, you need to convert this PST file to DBX format to access it in Outlook Express. This is just one example. Similarly, there could be situation when you require to migrate from one e-mail platform to another. So, you can get rid of all the problems within minutes by using this tool. Simple to Use: Email converter is very easy to execute. Even non-technical users can use this tool very easily by following the detailed instructions at every step. You just have to select file from and in few clicks you can save the converted file at your desired location. This single application can perform several conversions without any difficulty. Detailed instructions at every step makes easy to execute this software effortlessly.
Highly supported by all versions of Outlook and Outlook Express: It supports all the versions of Microsoft Outlook from 98 to 2013 and also supports Outlook Express 4.0 and its later versions. Maintains Integrity of data: This tool converts your e-mail files without modifying the content, structure and properties of e-mail file. The original content remains unchanged.
Cost-effective: Email Converter is the first cost-effective tool which enables you to use its multi-utility functions when converting e-mail files. Its just one tool that you have to purchase instead of purchasing different tools to perform different e-mail conversions. Entire conversion of e-mail file: In addition with converting data of e-mail file, it converts complete meta data including contacts, from, to, cc, bcc, receive and sent time, date, etc. Also converts attachments without any loss of data.
Saves Outlook files from corruption: PST files get corrupted or damaged if its size limit is exceeded. To save your file from corruption, you can convert PST files to EML, DBX, HTML, RTF and MSG file formats. Saves Outlook Express files from corruption: DBX files get corrupted if its size limit is exceeded. To save your file from corruption, you can convert DBX files to EML, PST, HTML, RTF and MSG file formats.

Salient Features of Email Converter:

  • Converts DBX files to PST, EML, RTF, MSG and HTML
  • Converts PST files to DBX, EML, RTF, MSG and HTML
  • Converts EML files to PST, DBX, RTF, MSG and HTML
  • Converts MSG files to PST, DBX, EML, RTF, and HTML
  • Supports batch conversion by which multiple files can be converted at once.
  • Enables you to apply password in converted PST file.
  • Supports both the type of PST files: ANSI and Unicode
  • Also converts password protected PST files.
  • Supports files created using Outlook Express version 4.0 and its later versions.
  • Supports files created using Microsoft Outlook 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Advanced features:

  • Changes made in software including user interface, makes it much more potent and more appealing user-friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface).
  • You can save LOG file of the whole conversion process.
  • Provides you the feature to save converted file to any of your desired location.
  • Also fixes minor errors.
  • Changes have made to the software to handle multiple files to be converted at a time.



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